3S TRADING FISH is an international seafood export and trading company based in SENEGAL. We export fresh and frozen seafood, whole or processed from Senegal (FAO Zone 34 East Center). The products are processed in U.E. factories according to HACCP's current hygiene regulations.

Other parts 3S TRADING FISH has a very wide network of suppliers around the world. This gives us access to all seafood products based on species, time and geographical area. As a result, we put supplier - client relations in line with the demands and requirements of these partners. Our credo is based on the conformity of the technical specifications of requests and offers, quality, delivery times and prices.

Our commitment to maintaining credibility means that our young and dynamic and motivated team works in perfect coherence and harmony with a total mastery of the system by using the best techniques of information and communication. Your request is studied in maximum of 48 hours and the best offer has reached you with all the technical and financial details.

Most fish species are abundant in relation to a given season. However others are constantly fished throughout the year and landed in the various beaches of Senegal. 3S TRADING FISH has set up a network to collect the different species of fresh poisons on the national territory in the different beaches while respecting the standards of boarding, transport and hygiene required by the HACCP

On the other hand, it should be noted that following the favorable geographical position of the port of Dakar, freezer boats land every week with fish of all kinds frozen on board. 3S TRADING FISH has developed a partnership and a privileged collaboration with these different vessels to bring you the best value for money and ensure consistency in its sales inventory.